Our Class Offerings

We offer classes seven days a week!

Vinyasa Flow Yoga

Fridays/Saturdays/Sundays 9AM
Wednesday 6:00 PM Class Returns April 11th!!

This yoga class is suited for those who are interested in developing balance and flexibility in a fun, intense and challenging new way! You will progress quickly in your Asana (physical postures) practice by developing the strength and coordination required for more challenging poses. This style of yoga builds heat, flexibility and strength, while maintaining focus on good alignment and sound structure. Postures may be held for longer periods of time and will flow together to unite the body to the breath and mind. Suitable for all levels.


Gentle Flow Yoga

Mondays/Wednesdays 9AM

This class is open to all levels of practice and abilities and is especially suited for beginners or those searching for the therapeutic benefits of yoga. This soothing gentle practice focuses on moving slowly into basic yoga poses while using the breath as a tool to remain present and mindful. The slow pace of this of this class allows you to enjoy each pose. Expect lots of stretching and lengthening with a heavy dose of relaxation to wrap up your practice and leave you feeling great.

Dao Yin

Tuesdays 9AM

Dao Yin is an ancient practice of soft (yin) stretches and breath techniques that offers a gentle, restorative and practical approach to flexibility and vitality for any age & ability. 


Thursdays 9AM

Qigong (pronounced “chee gung”) is an ancient Chinese mind-body practice that restores wellness, builds mental and emotional strength, reduces stress, and increases vitality.
Qigong (or Chi- Kung) is a Chinese term that translates as “breathe (or energy) work” and refers to the wide spread practice of breathing and stretching techniques that began China’s 5,000 year old medical history.Qigong, sometimes called the grandmother of tai chi, is one of the four major branches of Traditional Chinese Medicine. Because Qigong incorporates a variety of gentle breathing methods, flowing movements, and mindfulness meditation, it can be practiced by absolutely anyone, regardless of their age, health & fitness level.