Paige Ashmore

Vinyasa Yoga Instructor

Yoga is Paige Ashmore's passion! She began practicing yoga since 2012 after being drawn to the calming mind set of the practice and the gracefulness of the poses. She especially appreciates that regardless of the age, body type, or fitness level of an individual, they can can find a yoga that resonates with them. In short, she believes that yoga is yoga is for every body.
Her yoga journey began with much self teaching, training with fellow yoga teachers and deepening her practice with reading widely about yoga. Paige has also trained under the guidance of Susan Huff and Gordon Wicks to extend her yoga knowledge. 
"I am excited to take my journey to the next level by enriching other's practices by teaching." 
Paige is the mother of three beautiful children, who enjoy practicing with her from time to time, and is married to Ryan.