Youth Summer Camp! (ages 4-12)
to Jul 1

Youth Summer Camp! (ages 4-12)

Youth Yoga* Martial Arts* Fitness 

Ages 4-12

  • KAY (Kidding Around Yoga)
  • Songs
  • Games
  • Crafts
  • Agility and Exercise Fun!
  • Life Skills & Martial Arts

$200/week per child
sibling discount: $100/week per child after the first child at full price
(Large Family? Contact us!)
*$100 non refundable deposit is kept for any cancelations*
Pre Registration Due by June 1st


June 26-July1st at Golden Harmony Fitness, Culpeper

July 10th-July 15th at Stonewall Abbey, Sperryville

Monday- Friday
(Family FUN Fitness Day for the whole family!)

10 person minimum
30 max

*Morning Fresh Fruits & Water are provided* 

*Parents must provide lunch for children*

What to Wear:
appropriate exercise clothes
(No shoes inside)


  • 9AM: SHMAT & Find Your Mat!
  • 9:05: KAY YOGA
  • 10AM: Break, Water & Fruit Snack
  • 10:10: Games & Crafts
  • 10:40: Water Break
  • 10:45: Agility Course
  • 11AM: Tumbling & Evasion/Escapes techniques
  • 11:30: Lunch!
  • 12PM: KickBoxing
  • 12:50: Meditation
  • 1PM: Clean Up
  • 1:15PM: Pick Up


  • 10am-12:30pm: Family Fun Fitness Day!
  • 10AM: Karma Camp
  • 11AM: Family Fun Fitness Class
  • 12PM: Closing Ceremony


All are welcome and we gladly accept youths with cognitive & physical challenges. Please contact us for the specific needs of your child.

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Daniel Schroder: Energy Healer
to Apr 2

Daniel Schroder: Energy Healer

You must contact Monique to reserve your place. Limited space, so reserve today! 



Monique Maniet, DVM presents Master Daniel Schroder from Belgium. Two intensive weekends devoted to the study of Energy Therapy to heal physical & emotional problems. 

Daniel Schroder is a Belgian Health practitioner well known throughout Europe for using Energy Therapy to successfully treat people with emotional and/or physical problems. His more than 30 years of experience in Energy Healing has shown him how to use his hands, only a few inches away from the body, to realign the “subtle bodies” (energy fields) and bring back a state of Health and Wellness. 

In these intensive weekend courses you will learn how to see and touch those Energetic bodies, how to feel the chakras and the organ’s energy fields (Souffle), how to connect yourself to the Earth and the Heavens and much more! 


Level One:

  • Friday March 24th  7-10pm
  • Saturday March 25th 9:30 AM to 5:30 PM 
  • March Sunday 26th 9:30 AM to 5:30 PM 

Level Two:

  • Friday March 31st 7 to 10 PM
  • Saturday April 1st 9:30 AM to 5:30 PM
  • Sunday April 2nd 9:30 AM to 5:30 PM


  • Friday only $50
  • Friday and Saturday only: $175
  • Friday, Saturday and Sunday: $275

You must call to reserve your place. Limited space, so reserve today!

Call Monique @ 540-987-8852 


Private sessions will be available during the week

… Do not miss this unique opportunity …

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Walk With Courage
to Mar 12

Walk With Courage

Walk With

Confidence   Competence   Courage

A Comprehensive Course in Women’s Personal Defense, Strengthening & Healing


The WALK WITH COURAGE (WWC), USA PROGRAM has developed confidence insituational awareness, effective & simple self defense techniques, mind/body development & deep self healing with women for over a decade.            

Designed with life saving martial arts skills, sports medicine based conditioning & optimal nutrition plan, personal wellness through yoga & qigong, WWC provides an accessible approach to these essential practices for todays living.

This is much more than self defense; this is a complete system of personal development presented in a safe and effective manner to give YOU the strength to WALK WITH COURAGE every day!

This weekend training seminar will offer:

  • Vinyasa & Dao Yin Yoga
  • Qigong (chee-gung) breath control & moving meditations 
  • Interval training conditioning workouts 
  • Health & Wellness discussions
  • Staple Diet for Optimal Nutrition 
  • Situational & environmental awareness, threat identifiers and prevention
  • Martial arts training on the ground, close quarters & with impact weapons


Orientation: Friday March 10th 6pm-8pm

Practice: Saturday March 11th 9am-5pm

Practice: Sunday March 12th 9am-5pm 

Limited to 20 participants


 $120/per person

Limited to 20 participants ages 13+

$120/per person

We offer family & corporate discounted rates! Contact us at 

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Balance & Inversions
11:00 AM11:00

Balance & Inversions

2 Hour Yoga Workshop with Ashley Osburn

Stonewall Abbey Yoga & Qigong

44 Main Street Sperryville Virginia, 22740

February 25th 11-1pm

$35/per person


Ashely Osburn will guide you through the necessary progressions to safely and effectively increase your balance and turn your yoga practice on its head! 

In this 2 hour workshop we will break down more advanced asana including but not limited to crow, side crow, eight angle pose, headstand, forearm stand, handstand. Getting into these poses can be scary for beginners and challenging for dedicated practitioners, but no worries! Ashley will show you safe and accessible progressions to begin to add these fun poses into your yoga practice. For the more advanced practitioners there will be fun transitions and supplementary exercises to take your practice to the next level. This will be a playful workshop where we will breathe, sweat, and fly together! As always we approach our workshops with a fun and interactive atmosphere where you can feel confident asking questions and working to your ability. This class will be open to all levels!

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